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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy birthday to me!

A few days ago, I celebrated my birthday.
And that would be the most memorable birthday in my life.

Another heart-broken story. It feels unbearable now but I know it’s gonna be ok. I’m gonna be ok. Definitely.
Just that I must pretend that I’m all good while in the office, around so many people. I have to divert this feeling and try to keep myself busy, rather than staying at home and cry.

But this feeling sucks!

Well, life has to go on.

I read some of my old posts in this blog. And made me remember that I went through even worse situation. So many series of heart-broken and frustration. Apparently I managed to stand up again and moved on.
This time, I trapped in the same cycle. But I know for sure, I’ll get over it too. Time will heal.

Happy birthday to me! 😊

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Day-out @ Tadom Hill


Tadom Hill - went there last Saturday for Office team day-out. It’s not difficult to find the place using Waze. Only that the junction from main road quite narrow and I only noticed the small banner once we turned in. No big archway, no tarred road, just drive through the palm trees.

The place - there are many bamboo huts provided which is good for a group to sit, relax and to have BBQ too. I would say the place is quite nice to chill, by gazing at nature. But the place is smaller than I thought, and for me, it's only nice for a day trip not for overnight. Probably cos I find the place is not so reassuring. (I think it’s creepy at night)

The Splash – I think the height is about 1.5 storey. So be careful. Don’t jump with your face down, cos its seriously pain. (That’s what happened to me. Hwaa~) I did 3 jumps and caused several bruises. Sob~

The Water – is my main concern before going there. “What’s under the water?” I must’ve been watching too many nonsense stories that I imagine dragons (ah it’s a band!) or any eerie creatures down there. I even brought a goggle to find out if I can see anything. But nop, nothing. Only green water (not so emerald green anymore cos I believe urine color is taking over. Yuckss!) Yeah, water is not clean. My skin started to feel itchy a few hours later.

Conclusion, dead water is not my type. I rate 2 stars.

Arghh I need vitamin sea now!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Salam Nuzul Quran

I rarely speak about Islam because I know I’m too far from perfect. But I’m writing this as I was triggered by reading some nasty comments about Islam – which you can also read from this video on Facebook.

I just want to spread the idea that - we all should respect each other.

Respect everyone.

Respect every religion.

Respect every opinion.

Even when you don’t agree.

There are many people want to seek the truth about the purpose of life but only a few are fortunate to get the Hidayah (guidance). He was lucky that he found someone who is pious and knowledgeable about Islam when he’s in the search.

I know there are a lot of bad perceptions towards Islam have been spreading all over the world.

"Muslims are terrorist"

"Islam teaches to kill others"

"Islam is a fake religion"

Most probably, they are pervasively influenced by what they see in media and what they read on Internet, but it’s unfair to blame all Muslims and to condemn the religion when the fact is they know nothing about the teachings in Islam.

There is no bad religion and there is no religion that teaches people to be evil.

There is no bad religion, only bad people.

Reading from some comments that I found on Internet, there are many ignorant people who dare to throw an outrageous statement to show their hatred on Islam. Those comments are bluntly made without any concrete facts to support their statement. 

Clearly, they never do any research, not even open to accept opinion and just want to provoke by making a comment like “Muhammad is crazy”.

Why would some people being so offensive? 

I believe that we were taught to respect everybody’s religion. Yes you can open for a debate but don’t critic, don’t mock, don’t insult their belief. If you want to share your thoughts about something, please ensure that you’re well-versed on the topic and be prepared with the true facts. Don’t quote something that you found on Google without further studies the source. And most common confusion that I see is, they misinterpret a verse from Quran without reading the whole context.

If you have questions such as:

“Why women need to wear hijab? But why some don’t wear it?”

“Why one needs to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim?”

“Does Quran says to kill non-believers?”

“Is Muhammad a pedophile?”

“Why can’t Muslim eat pork?”

And for many more questions that you have, you should look for the righteous person who can give you the answer - based on Quran, not by their own opinion. Also, reading the Quran would certainly help. Or probably start it by reading a book, for example, about the questionnaires in Islam or a story of Muhammad – from a trusted publisher of course.

Eventhough I’m a Muslim-born, but I’m not a good person, not an example to portray Islam. Rule number 1, if you want to learn about Islam, don’t look at Muslims, but learn from Quran and Sunnah instead. This statement came out because nobody’s perfect, we all are sinners and many Muslims out there don’t practice Islam properly.

That’s just in case if - you want to know about Islam.

However, if you still don’t think that Islam is the way of life, it’s okay. “Let there be no compulsion in Islam” (2:256). And as I said earlier, Hidayah only comes to the chosen ones. As long as we can stop the hate and always respect each other’s faith.

“For you is your religion, and for me is my religion(109:6)

Spread love and peace.

- ck | 12062017

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