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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye! 2015

This year, we see a lot of increment
The price of petrol, toll, almost everything in market
Plus, GST
Not to mention, the worrying increment of stupidity among Ministers

After increasing the living cost, they advise people to do 2-3 jobs in a day
Do part-time job, online business, open up burger stall, apam-balik or any
Which adding another burden

I don’t want to live wealthily
But I want to live moderately, peacefully, happily and restfully

As encouraged by the greatest leader in the world, our prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h and written in Quran:
“He it is Who made for you the night that you should rest therein, and the day to see. Surely in those are signs, indications of His Oneness, exalted be He, for those who are able to hear (who think deeply).” (Surah Yunuus: 67)

Similar message is repeated many times in Quran and sure there are a lot to share
The point is, a great leader will help to provide a balanced work-life for people
While a stupid leader do the opposite
Talk more, think less

Hope for a better standard of living and giving in 2016

Friday, December 25, 2015

In a relationship with Chiki

Last week, went back Hometown for long holiday. And as usual, Chiki my mixed-persian white kitty was never leave behind.

She has been my closest companion for about 5 months now. Whenever I reach home, I can see her waiting patiently at the glass door and at night, she sleeps on my bed. When I drive, she will lay on my lap or sit on my shoulder to be my head-rest. She follows me wherever I go - kitchen, room, toilet. Chiki is faithful and sweet. I know, ‘I’m in relationship with my cat’. Hehe.

Chiki was given by a friend of mine when I feel empty living alone after moving to another town. Since small, I always have a cat at home. So without them, my life feels incomplete.
On that one day, I went out to meet some friends. When I get home at night, my nephew said: “Chiki is gone”. I was stunned. Chiki never go far outside and I felt upset that nobody observed when she’s out. It was near to 11pm and I walked around the neighborhood area to look for Chiki. I called out her name but no trace, no sound of her bell. I waited outside until 1am and kept searching but she didn’t come back. Probably someone already had her.

I couldn’t sleep. I went out again at 3am but Chiki still not there. I can’t believe that she’s really gone and that feeling of losing something special in life occurred back to me and totally broke my heart. I cried to sleep and accidentally woke up at 730am. I heard scratching sound at the door and when I opened, Chiki was there, meowing. It’s a miracle!

I had many experience of losing something/someone that I love and care so much. Maybe I’m such a strong person that’s why I always been tested. Well, am I?
I learned that everything we have is not belongs to us, but Allah. So when it’s taken back from us, be REDHA.

I’m hoping that Chiki could live with me in a long period of time. Amin~

Sunday, January 4, 2015

What is significant?

When one of my colleague resigned, we all miss her home-cook food that she always shared. When the girl from other department quit, I didn't smell smoke in the toilet anymore. I didn't have companion when sleeping on the couch, after my cat died.

At least there's one most significant thing that we would miss about someone when they left. Someone who laughs so loud, someone who smells very bad, someone who likes to fart around, someone who always wear short skirt. People would remember us with their own recognition.

I wonder, what would you remember me as when I leave your life, leave this place and leave this world?
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