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Friday, December 25, 2015

In a relationship with Chiki

Last week, went back Hometown for long holiday. And as usual, Chiki my mixed-persian white kitty was never leave behind.

She has been my closest companion for about 5 months now. Whenever I reach home, I can see her waiting patiently at the glass door and at night, she sleeps on my bed. When I drive, she will lay on my lap or sit on my shoulder to be my head-rest. She follows me wherever I go - kitchen, room, toilet. Chiki is faithful and sweet. I know, ‘I’m in relationship with my cat’. Hehe.

Chiki was given by a friend of mine when I feel empty living alone after moving to another town. Since small, I always have a cat at home. So without them, my life feels incomplete.
On that one day, I went out to meet some friends. When I get home at night, my nephew said: “Chiki is gone”. I was stunned. Chiki never go far outside and I felt upset that nobody observed when she’s out. It was near to 11pm and I walked around the neighborhood area to look for Chiki. I called out her name but no trace, no sound of her bell. I waited outside until 1am and kept searching but she didn’t come back. Probably someone already had her.

I couldn’t sleep. I went out again at 3am but Chiki still not there. I can’t believe that she’s really gone and that feeling of losing something special in life occurred back to me and totally broke my heart. I cried to sleep and accidentally woke up at 730am. I heard scratching sound at the door and when I opened, Chiki was there, meowing. It’s a miracle!

I had many experience of losing something/someone that I love and care so much. Maybe I’m such a strong person that’s why I always been tested. Well, am I?
I learned that everything we have is not belongs to us, but Allah. So when it’s taken back from us, be REDHA.

I’m hoping that Chiki could live with me in a long period of time. Amin~

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