Friday, April 10, 2020


Wherever in the world you are, I know you’re aware about what’s happening now and most probably you are also in a lockdown like us here in Malaysia. Eventho it’s called Movement Control Order, but it feels like a lockdown already because we’re no longer want to go out. It’s like a scary world we’re living in, the virus are flying everywhere. However, thank Allah that situation is still in control and everyone is calm at home.

Bila duduk rumah dan selalu tengok news pasal Covid, korang ada rasa senang nak nangis tak? I don’t know but I do. Ada masa rindu dan teringat masa-masa dulu dengan famili. Pastu senang je nak mengalir air mata bila tengok orang share gambar-gambar frontliners yang kepenatan, gambar-gambar mereka yang terpaksa bekerja dengan pakai PPE yang panas dan bila baca luahan hati mereka yang positif Covid, dan yang paling teruk bila baca cerita mereka yang kehilangan ahli keluarga. Ya Allah je tahu perasaan sedih tu.

Dan situasi skarang, buat ramai orang tertekan sampaikan macam-macam perangai buruk yang terkeluar. Contoh yang meludah kat button escalator tu. Pfft! I thot orang kat China je yang ada prangai tu, rupanya kat Malaysia ni pon ada. Pastu yang degil namapuih tanak duduk umah, maki hamun polis lagi. Pastu golongan T20 yang dengki bila B40 dapat bantuan. Rupanya kita bukan je kena sama-sama fight Covid tapi jugak stupidity ni.

Tapi kan, sbenanya kita masih boleh tengok ramai lagi orang yang baik kat Malaysia ni. There are many act of kindness, even a small one buat aku nak nangis jugak. Macam aritu tengok news, ada peniaga sayur yang sanggup drive lebih 3 jam untuk derma ke penduduk di pedalaman. Pastu ada tukang kasut offer repair free to all frontliners. Banduan di penjara dan some tailors jahit PPE untuk dibagi free. Big companies also take part to contribute to society. For example, Telcos give free 1GB everyday. Astro free all channels until 14th April. This may look a little but it’s a very much appreciated.

Dan tak sangka government kita banyak duit rupanya. Dengan bantuan prihatin stimulus pakej kepada golongan B40, M40 dan juga untuk SME, itu agak mengagumkan. Gelandangan juga dijaga baik, di beri tempat dan diberi makan secukupnya. Students IPT yang terkandas kat asrama juga diberi makan free. Tempat-tempat kuarantin pon bukan calang-calang. If we want to compare with a few other countries, actually we’re far better.

Tu belum cerita pasal our frontliners and healthcare. Baru sekarang ramai yang bukak mata dan tau betapa bagusnya sistem kesihatan kita. Dan betapa dedikasinya setiap doktor, nurse dan semua yang sama-sama jaga pesakit kat hospital tu. To add more, if you don’t know, Malaysia ranks number 1 in Healthcare last year. 
I’m a proud Malaysian.
Tapi apa yang kita kat uma yang rasa macam takde apa-apa contribution ni bole offer to society? Well, if we have extra money, we can donate to some organization or fund to our frontliners. There are many NGOs that need our help. Bole google untuk tengok charity mana yang berkaitan dan pastikan bukan yang menipu ye.
Lagi satu, bila kita tau ada jiran atau orang terdekat yang cari makan dengan jual food online, sekali-skala tu order la dari dorang. Dan kalau keluar dan nampak orang meniaga tepi jalan jual goreng pisang ke, singgah la beli. You don’t how much it makes a difference to them.
And most importantly, the best contribution we can give back to society is JUST STAY AT HOME. We all can work together to break the chain of this pandemic. We all can be a hero.
So please stay safe and stay home, everyone!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Be Happy

One of the things I do occasionally is – reminiscing.

Looking at old photos in album – offline and online, reading old posts in my blog. Just to admire myself. Haha memang perasan. But on the serious note, it’s actually letting me to see how far I’ve grown. Tengok balik camane rupa masa dulu, apa fashion aku pakai, camane style aku menulis. Bila baca balik post lama, rasanya aku dulu lagi kelakar la. Mungkinkah faktor umur menyebabkan aku hilang sense of humor? Sigh~

This year resolution? Masih tiada BIG target dan masih sama macam tahun-tahun yang lepas which is - I just want to be HAPPY. Happiness that I don’t search but will create. Walaupon aku hanya duduk rumah takde buat apa time weekend, aku tetap rasa gembira dan bahagia. That’s what I want. I want to feel happy for whatever happens in my life. Tak susah pon kan?

I don’t worry about future. I don’t care about what other people think of me. I don’t need to get anyone’s approval to do what I like. I’ll do me.

And I’ll do whatever that makes me happy too, like reminiscing.

Happy more happy days for me!

Monday, January 20, 2020

How to spice up your life

I lost interest to write.
Well in fact, I lost interest in many things – to draw, read books, make jewelry. My life is dull.

Oh my! What have I done to myself?

*quickly googling

*get results
Well, interesting.
  • Create a dream journal. – I actually bought a planner (for the 1st time in my life). But as of today 20th Jan, it’s still empty. 
  • Do at least one extraordinary thing every day. – Ermm like what? Jump off the roof? 
  • A difficult conversation should take place. – But some things are better left unsaid.
  • Write a list of gratitude. – Did this before. Ok, I’ll make a new list for 2020
  • Ask people you know to name your best qualities. – Naah~
  • Make new friends. – A big NO. My existing bestfriends are already good enough. Also, I have trust issue.
  • Mind your body. – I dance/zumba regularly, so this is fine.
Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to adapt to a new routine. I left the place that I love, moved back to hometown, started a new job – half-heartedly. And still trying to accept, to love this place, this job and this new routine.

And the hardest is - to ignore the feeling of losing.

From google, I came across this website - which in a way, I feel better to know there are many people out there having/had been in the situation where we feel missing out on life.

So these things to do might help us (read: ME) to rise up:
1) Make a Bucket List
He said - write down all the things you want to do before you die! So, gamble in Las Vegas maybe?

2) Travel
Since 2 years ago, I set a goal to go holiday in every 2 months. Did it successfully (almost) for these 2 years. My next holiday will be in March. Yeah can’t wait!

3) Express/Create
 I should start painting again and express my feelings in poems.

4) Connect
I connect with strangers in Twitter and sometimes scrolling on Facebook. I am still single at this age, should I start with Tinder? HAHAHA!

5) Learn/Read
Bought 3 new books in October and still haven’t start reading it. Pfft!

6) Break the Pattern
I had changed my pattern (routine) about 3 months now and still adapting it.

7) Balance
My current job doesn’t consume my after office-hour time. Thank God I can go home on the dot and spend time with my kitties.

8) Simplify
Don’t think too much. Stop making world more complicated. If there’s nothing much you can do to make things better, just let it flow and learn from it.

9) Live in the Present
No regret about the past and don’t worry about the future. There are reasons why I am at this place and at this time. Fate has brought me here and I should have faith in it. I will appreciate every little thing that’s happening.

More than 3 months has gone, I didn’t notice (well I do sometimes but just ignored) that my life is getting faded along with myself and has taken its toll on me. I am feeling up and down all the time and I guess, I will give me some more time to get use of this new start and give a try on the tips.
At least now, I am writing again. Yeaheyy, I did it!
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