Sunday, April 30, 2023

My Cornea Journey

This year, I have decided to get over with contact lenses and spectacle. I’m getting tired and fed-up, so I badly need a break-up. 

So I started to look into places and check the offers for eye surgery. Not really a ‘surgery’ but something like lasik. Then I found out about TRANSPRK - google it (this got nothing to do with trans ⚧️)

Here’s my cornea journey:

7/1 - I went to 2 places to do eye screening. And finally chose Advance Vision in Damansara. The reason - cheaper price, of course. Also, my power only 200 so I don’t need to spend more money to do other procedure. Besides, the doctor - Dr. Yeoh is so kind, comforting and explained the procedure very clearly. 

There were several tests done during this eye screening. But it took only a few mins, kerana teknologi terkini sudah terlalu canggih. Hanya guna mesin untuk check rabun dekat, jauh, silau, ketebalan kornea, suitability etc. Lepas guna mesin, baru jumpa Dr. Yeoh. Doktor buat lagi some tests and check mata in more details. Masa process buat test ni, kena letak a few eye drops. Lepas settle semua, da bole balik, da bole pilih date nak buat surgery tu. Tapi yang tak berapa best, ubat ni buatkan mata jadi blur, tak selesa, nak buka mata pon tak bole sebab nampak silau sangat. Terpaksa tunggu dalam sejam baru bole drive home. Tapi itu pon mata tak bole nak bukak sangat sebenarnya. Sampai rumah, terus tido jela. 

16/2 - Paid deposit RM400 online and booked surgery date on 3/3

1/3 - Went for another eye checkup before surgery. Buat test yang sama guna machines tu.  Test sekejap je tapi biasa la, menunggu lagi lama. If you choose to do at Advance Vision, you have to prepare to be patience about the waiting time. 

3/3 - Surgery day. No makeup, no perfume allowed. Went with bare face. 

Appointment at 3pm. Tunggu punya tunggu, pkol 415pm baru betul2 duduk kat surgery room tu. Laser took around 30 seconds for each eyes. Tak sakit, tapi ghisauuu, suspense, nervous. Mata kena grip, bola mata kena cuci dengan air sejuk. Tanjat sekejap. Masa laser tu pulak, boleh bau benda terbakar. Da settle, bole terus balik, makan ubat then tido. 

Lepas hilang bius dalam 2-3 jam, baru la rasa sakit. Not gonna lie, it’s really painful. Dalam mata rasa macam ada pisau. Dorang kata, pedih macam lepas potong bawang. Betul la jugak. Tapi bayangkan, rasa pedih tu non-stop sepanjang 48 jam. Ko rasa? 

12/3 - Check up after surgery. Sekejap je. Doktor said, all good. Itu je. Dapat MC seminggu. Balik la rehat, tido dan tido lagi dan jangan lupa letak ubat. At this point, vision is still blurry. About 50% 

After a few days, vision got better. Probably reach 85% at some point. And no more pain after 2 days. 

On the 2nd week, vision still inconsistent and dropped to 60% - as expected. I read review and was told in advance. So I was a bit relax about it. 

3rd week, vision got better again. About 90% I can say. But it got blurry a bit especially after putting the eye drop. 

Now it’s already 5th week, I’m quite satisfied. I can read signboards while driving, see clearly when watching movie, also no problem to read books. Some say it will get better after some time. So I’ll wait patiently. I’m grateful enough for now. Alhamdulillahh šŸ˜Š

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