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Friday, February 26, 2016


Who you can talk to about everything 
About family, friends, car to cat 
2-3 hours fly so fast when you chat 
Conversation never ends like you won't meet again  

Who has the same taste of music  
And always share the latest favorite song 
So you can enjoy together and sing along

Who can understand on how you feel 
During ups and downs, always stand still 
Never condemn at your fault 
Love no matter you're sugar or salt  

Who can finish your lines before you speak 
Can complete the lyrics when you can't seek 
Laugh at your jokes when others don't get it 
Can read your mind eventhough you zipped  

Who remembers to say Hello 
Even workload flow, no time for tobacco 
But they never let you out of the show 
Because that's what friends always for  

Who you can call the best companion  

- ck

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