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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Once you walked away

i have to admit
that i used to like you
very much
and i still remember
the way you treated me
very well

i dreamt to be with you
eventho it seems impossible - sometimes
made me thinking alot about what if and how
just to make this relationship works

i gave you chances
many times
but then i realized
it just gave me pain
over and over again
and i should have known
that you don't have the same feelings
as i do

then at one point
i don’t bother anymore
and i let you go
days by days make me stronger
and back to track
i have my life back

but you come again
occasionally say hi
like nothing ever happened
and expect me to reply

isn't that funny?
maybe not for you
but definitely for me

sorry, i just want to say
once you walked away
dont ever turn back

- ck 1103


  1. hi lama tak menyinggah hehe tak sangka masih update. boleh la baca hehe

    1. haha bole tak baru nampak komen ni. ntah pape la blogger takde notif.


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