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Monday, June 6, 2011

Never date a person who…

That’s the topic discussed on this morning. I got to listen to only 1 caller before my radio went ‘out of signal’. Duh~

The caller said, “Never date a person who had been rejected by your mom”. Ok that obviously NO NEVER. Bak kata orang, hubungan takkan kekal kalau tak direstu orang tua. Kan kan?

Oh yeah, another one I heard, “Never date a person who never been on date and he’s 30. Haha yep, there must be something wrong. So don’t take any risk. Hehe.

And based on my own experience and observation, I would say, “Never date a person who…”

1. Had been dumped by his ex. – Be careful. There must be something that he’s done to make himself been dumped!

2. Says he likes you but hardly replies your SMS/Call. – Benci kan?

3. Had a crush with your friend before. – Owhh no way!!

4. Focus on his gadget more than talking to you. – Leave him to be alone with his gadget then!

5. Always forget the things you said. - Well, guys always like that. But unacceptable when it’s too much!

I surely have verrryy long list to share. But 5 are just enough ;)


  1. hhhmmm.............. setuju ngan semua kriteria di atas!!!!

  2. Women never forget the things they said..:)

  3. nice entry ... jemput singgah :)

  4. haha..benar tuh....btw,,visit and follow me on ..Happy blogging


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