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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

Rasa tak lengkap pulak kalo tak update blog time new year ni. Tak kesah la kalo lepas ni cuma update 6 bulan skali je. Hehe.
Sebab orang cakap, kalo kita rajin hari pertama taun baru, insyaAllah sepanjang taun kita rajin.
Kalo kita buat perkara yg baik, insyaAllah sepanjang taun pon akan baik.
Kalo kita gembira, insyaAllah sepanjang taun pon akan gembira.
So kalo arini ade rasa sedih, kena la buat-buat gembira jugak ye.

Where was I in the new year's eve? Gladly, I was staying at home, watching TV and celebrating with my mom.
No party, no hangout with friends, no fireworks, no crowds. Peaceful, calm and relax.
Huhu, really glad ;)

Hopefully, 2012 will bring more happiness, more prosperous and success to my life. And I wish best of luck to all of us.

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