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Friday, July 20, 2012


Definition: a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs.

Recently I had a huge frustration. Another kind of frustration that I should experience in life to be a stronger person. Even harder, maybe.

I may have had the same feelings in many ways before but I don’t really remember in details. Live life with ‘Forgive and Forget’ yourself. When things you wish don’t happen as you expect, never let the frustration bring you down. ‘Cakap memang senang, hati sakit takde sape yang tau’. Yes, I know and I understand as if I’m a specialist on this. For me, I usually give myself a maximum of 3 days to feel frustrated. Go cry, cry, cry then wake up and move on!

Probably some tips below could help us to overcome frustration.

1- Accept the Facts

Thing doesn’t go as you planned. Your wish doesn’t come true. So what the hell? There must be something better awaits you. You deserve more than what others get.

2- Enjoy your Space

You may need some time to harvest the frustration. Go lock yourself in the room, listen to the music you like, switch off your handphone, lay on bed, look up at ceiling, clear up your mind.

3- It will not Last

Ok I feel frustrated. But I will not let it eat me inside. As how I’ve gone through this situation before, I will still survive and be happy of my life.

4- Talk Over It

Find your friends and share how you feel. Let it out. You’ll feel relief and you may get some useful advice from your friends too. The attention you get makes you feel loved even more.

5- Laugh Out Loud

Get some fun! Read comics, funny stories, cartoon or watch comedy and rolling on the floor laughing. This may switch off the problem temporary but it will lower your anger and lead you to handle the situation easier.

6- Go Hideaway

Go holiday and forget the sadness. Live life to the fullest. When you come back, you’ll feel fresh and feel the change to be a new you.

7- Hangout with Friends

That’s what friends are for. Go chat, drink and laugh together. When you still can enjoy and have fun, you’ll think that life is not that bad anyway.

8- Stop Blaming

Stop blaming others and stop blaming yourself. There may be some mistakes that you have done, but take it as a learning process in life. Don’t think what you did in the past will drag to your future. Take responsibility and do something to improve it.

9- Get Motivated

Read motivational books or listen to videos of highly motivated people, for example. Or try to read some similar stories of how people have successfully overcome their frustration. You can see that you’re not alone and there are even worse stories out there.

10- Believe in Destiny

Maybe there’s not a time yet for you to achieve what you want. And maybe you’re destined to get even better than what you wish now. As long as you believe there’s always a brighter side for you, you will always happy.

11- Love Yourself

When others seem not to appreciate you, learn to love yourself even more.

12- Be Active

Spend your time doing more positive activities. Go exercise, jogging, dancing or even do some volunteer works.

13- Shift Road

If you think your current situation will not happen as you want, try to find another opportunity. Change to new route or set another target.

14- Imagine of the Worst

Think of what if. What if you get the job offer, what if you still in that relationship, what if you made a different decision. Imagine that it could be even worse. Just believe that whatever path you take, there’s always a challenge. Be grateful for every and each experience in life.

15- Be in Future

Set yourself at least in 1 year from now and try to imagine what you would think of the frustration you’re having. Will it still as big as you think now? You might even laugh when you think about it.

Life is beautiful. Let’s see the world in the eyes of a small child.

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