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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Being Customer 'Service'

May I ask, what is your occupation?
Is your job requires you to communicate with people?
Or just working by your own self with no interaction to others?

I wonder, is there such a job?

Ok, let me roughly introduce myself.
I was graduated in Information Technology, major in Software and was aiming to be a programmer. But to get a job as an IT programmer was quite difficult. Most of the job required an experience. So for a beginning, I worked as an IT Support Consultant in one multinational company.

It is called IT support consultant, also known as IT Support Engineer, or IT Helpdesk. Or you may call it any name, but genuinely we all do the same task. To assist the customer/client/user on solving their IT related issues, via email and phone call.

That was a great job with high pay. But after few years, I started to feel extremely bored, fed up and sick of servicing the customers which most of the times are very irate and demanding. Day by day, I did not feel motivated to go to work till I decided to leave the profession. The worst thing was, I felt the job has changed myself to be a hot-temper type of person. I was glad that I made a right decision.

Then, I tried another job, but still dealing with people. But this time was meeting face to face, which I rather like it more. I like the job eventhough it was tough most of the time as it involved in convincing and persuading. In another words, doing sales. So, you know how it works. But it went quite well, until I encountered a personal issue in mylife.
That personal issue had forced me to leave the job.

Few months after that, I started a new life by unwillingly becoming customer service again but have to do it for the sake of living. And was trying to hunt a job which doesn't need me to meet other people. Or at least working in an office without any communication to outside people. But in the process of searching, I noticed, most of, or I could say, all of the job round the world has 'customer service' in it. There's no job for me to hide from public/people.

Who says, accountant doesn't need a good customer service? Even a busdriver also need to have that softskills.
In life, you need to learn being nice to other people. And, customer service is the best way to improve yourself as a person. It will teach you to be patient, soft-spoken, be respectful, helpful and friendly.

Now, I start to enjoy this job.


  1. Hi Cleoputri, ha ha, I love your callsign....I guess most jobs have to deal with people....and some enjoy it, some don't. I was in the Marketing business line 35 years, and love it.
    Reason being I hate to wear a tie and tolak pen in the office with boss breathing behind me, and office politics.

    I make new friends everyday, women too, ha ha and of course bila beli basket of durians, tentu ada satu dua not good ones kan?
    You just live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets....
    And may the winds of Destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

    Have a pleasant buka puasa, and keep a song in your heart, best regards, lee.

  2. uncle lee, i really adore those people who can really stay on the same job more than 10 years. and u, 35 yrs is totally fantastic! i belive, u must've enjoy every single things happened throughout the journey.
    i will too, learn to do the same :)


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