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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last night, I've been thinking...

Should I?
Should I not...?

Should I?
Should I not...?

Should I?
Should I not...?

And after long deep thoughts, I've decided.
Then, I set an alarm at 4.30am.

After a pleasant sleep, suprisingly I managed to wake up when the alarm rang. I straight to washroom and got my face wet.
Quickly, I turned on the TV and changed to channel 1.

So sad, only blue screen appeared. Why why?
Changed to other channel, I can see the colourful code logo appeared clearly. No problem.
Changed to channel 1 and 2 again, but still blue! Oh, please let the blue out of my eyes!
With broken hearted, I headed to kitchen and grab the cold sandwich.
Decided to have Sahur and fasting...

*However, the frustration blew away after I found that Brazil has won. Yeehaa!*


  1. Brazil were good for the win, now they face a tougher opponent in the form of Holland. That'll be a very close game! :-)

  2. ah too bad...i don't have a chance to watch it :(
    must be a very intresting game too.

    but i'm sure Brazil will win. ;)

  3. brazil dah bungkus ehehhe go for germany yehaaa


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