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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Light up my life!!!

I used to say –
'Life is wonderful'.
'Life is beautiful'.

Whenever I have problem and feel down, I always say "Light up your life!"
That is also the sentence I frequently used to comfort my friends when they have the same ‘down’ syndrome.

But now...
I don’t see the world as how I used to.
Life is no longer as beautiful as before. The word ‘wonderful’ has also disappeared in my dictionary.

I’m not only an unhappy person, but even worse I changed to be such a hot temper type.
I’m not sure whether it’s a consequence of my work or the unfinished resentment that still going on inside myself.
I know I should change my nature of jobs. As I’m no longer interested to communicate directly with people, it’s better do something else so I don’t easily get annoyed.

Still figuring what, how, and when…

*Trying to see the world through the eyes of a child.*

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