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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mandarin Lesson 1 - Greetings

Children, today I wanna give you a lesson about Mandarin Language. But here, I will only teach you how to speak, not to write ok.

Our first lesson is Greetings. As this is a main key to start a conversation.

Ok, let's begin!

Good Morning - Chao An / Chao Shang Hao
Good Afternoon - Wu An / Xia Wu Hao
Good Evening / Good Night - Wan An / Wan Shang Hao

Hello - Ni Hao (knee how)
How are you - Ni Hao Ma
I'm fine - Wo Hao / Wo Hen Hao
Good bye - Zai jian (jai jian)
Thank you - Xie xie (Share share)
You are welcome - Bukeqi (pu ke chi)

Wo - I, Me
Ni - You
Hao - Good, Well
Zai - Again
Jian - See
Hen - Very

I think, that's all for today. We'll continue again some other time.
Remember, practice makes perfect.
Thank you.

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